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If you have been a victim of institutional abuse, we can help you receive the apology and the compensation that’s rightly yours.

Institutions can include schools; religious organisations; sports and social clubs; youth care organisations; government detention facilities; and other organisations. If you’ve suffered physical, psychological, emotional or sexual abuse, the institution responsible should be held to account. Let us check your eligibility to make a claim.

Tell us what happened and we’ll review your claim, give you an assessment of your prospects for success, and an estimate of the relevant compensation. You’ll be treated with respect and understanding through the whole process. You can expect phone calls from us regularly, as we keep you informed and support you as your claim continues. And if required, we can also put you in touch with selected specialist service providers that assist survivors of institutional abuse. This includes emotional, psychological, psychiatric, medical, drug and alcohol support, and assistance in dealing with corrective services and other government departments.

All institutional abuse claims are conducted with confidentiality, and we conduct all claims on a No Win No Fee basis.

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Learn more about our expert ‘Institutional Abuse’ Lawyers – Travis Chambers and Shannon Brown.

Travis Chambers – Senior Associate

Travis is passionate about seeking justice for survivors of institutional abuse and committed to helping them rebuild their lives. He’s a Senior Associate with over 10 years’ experience in our specialist areas of law. When he’s not working hard to gain compensation for his clients, he enjoys jet skiing on the weekends and spending time with his young family.

Shannon Brown – Lawyer

Shannon has been working in the area of compensation law since 2018 and has worked across a number of different areas in this time. Her passion lies in helping victims of abuse gain access to compensation, and move forward with their lives. When she’s not working hard to gain compensation for her clients, she’s enjoying time outdoors with her family and friends, visiting her family farm and enjoying time with her beautiful puppy.

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