Our Promise To You

You’ll Find Us Surprisingly Human

We will ‘humanise’ the journey for you as much as possible. We give you the time, respect and personal attention you deserve, whatever your personal circumstances or the complexity of your case.

We’ll listen to you; we’ll be upfront and honest; and we’ll be available to you when you need us, via your preferred means of communication – phone, text, Messenger, or live chat. We’ll guide you through the legal process to help achieve the best possible result, and to assist in restoring ‘normality’ to your life.

When you’re with Logan Law, you know:

Your lawyer is highly qualified and experienced, with a strong track record of results;

Your legal team will guide you every step of the way, and explain everything to you in language you can understand;

No Win No Fee, guaranteed. Simple as that;

You will not be charged for anything that is not absolutely necessary to get you the best possible result; And no nasty surprises! Unlike some other firms, our rates will not increase during the course of your claim. Logan Law’s rates are fixed and will not change for the duration of your claim; and

Unlike some other firms, the lawyer that starts your claim, will most likely see it through with you to the end – there is very little likelihood of lawyer ‘change-out’ as your claim proceeds.


What is No Win, No Fee?

You will only be charged legal fees if you receive a cheque from us. Our promise to you as a client is that we are prepared to take the risk and wear the cost without any recourse to you if, for whatever reason, your outcome is unsuccessful.

How much will it cost?

All circumstances are different and the final cost will depend on a number of factors including

  • Complexity of the circumstances;
  • Supporting evidence provided, and;
  • Level of cooperation received from the client.
How long will it take?

We are able to resolve most situations within 18 months of the client contacting us but it depends on the nature and extent of the circumstances and the quality of the supporting evidence available.

Are there any time limits which apply?

Yes, depending on the area of law strict time limits may apply so it is important to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your rights.

Get in Touch

No Win No Fee means no client of Logan Law will ever receive a bill from us unless their claim has been successful. We’re here to help. Leave your details and we’ll call you back.