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If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland and you were not the driver at fault, then Logan Law can help.

We can lodge a claim under your compulsory third party insurance policy and obtain compensation for your injuries. It doesn’t matter whether you were driving a truck, car, motorbike or bicycle, if you were not the at-fault driver, as your car accident lawyer, we can help you.

The amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive will depend on:

  • The extent of your injuries
  • Your age
  • Your employment history
  • The amount of lost wages, both current and in the future
  • The extent of your past and ongoing medical needs
  • Whether you will require care, either now or in the future

There are time limits in which a claim can be made so please contact us now if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident.

We conduct all claims on a No Win No Fee basis when seeking car accident compensation.

Give us a Call right now on 1300 875 093 and take advantage of our free initial consultation. You have nothing to lose by speaking to us.

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We pride ourselves on our 24-hour assessment and response guarantee.

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Our Process for Injury Claims

If you have been involved in an motor vehicle accident, it is vital that you take steps towards your recovery first and foremost. Being injured in an accident can be a traumatic and difficult experience, which is only compounded if you are also unable to work, to earn, to support your family or to live your life as you did prior to your injury.

No matter what kind of injury you have sustained; if you are experiencing pain and suffering, have had to pay medical bills or are incapacitated in any way; you should be able to seek compensation for this. We can help to ease the transition and recovery time and will make the legal process smooth so you can focus on getting better.

Step One - Get in touch

The first step you need to take with your compensation claim is to get in touch with one of our friendly team to find out if you have a case for motor vehicle accident claims. We can make a quick assessment of your case and will be able to advise you as to whether you should proceed.

Step Two - Chat to one of our personal injury lawyers

If we establish that it’s worth proceeding with your claim, the next step in our process is to have a chat to one of our specialist car accident lawyers. They will go through your incident and discuss how your claim will proceed from here. Every case is different, so it’s hard to state with certainty exactly how long your claim will take to process – but we can give you a more comprehensive estimate at this meeting. This part of the process is obligation free, and if at any point you want to cease the claim you can.

Step Three - Evidence gathering and preparing your case

Once you’re satisfied with how your case will proceed, we’ll get you to sign a contract authorising us as your legal representation and outline our fee structure. We operate most of our claims on a No Win No Fee basis, which means that you only pay us when we’re successful for you. We will then go about gathering the necessary evidence to build a strong case for your claim, including medical evidence, witness statements and any supporting documentation.

Step Four - Proceeding with the claim

We’ll commence proceedings against the person or company responsible for your injury – bearing in mind that most persons who you are commencing proceedings against will have CTP insurance. This means that it’s the insurance company who will be paying your compensation, not the person or company themselves.

Step Five - Settlement/Trial/Conclude your claim

In most compensation claims, the matter is settled before reaching court. It’s in the best interests of both parties to avoid court as this adds costs and can be a lengthy process. But if your claim does proceed to court, we’ll present a strong case for you and be there every step of the way to advocate and fight to get you a fair result.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motor Vehicle Injury Claims

How do I make a claim?

To make motor vehicle injury claims, you need to have suffered an injury that was caused, at least partially, by another person or company; and you need to have sustained loss and injury as a result of their action/inaction.

How long will my claim take?

It’s difficult to assess how long motor vehicle accident claims for compensation will take because every claim is different. If you believe you have a claim for compensation, it’s important that you get in touch with our car accident lawyers today, so we can make an accurate assessment.

Do I have to go to court?

In most claims, your case will be settled before it proceeds to court. It’s in the best interests of the parties to settle prior to court as this adds additional costs and can be a lengthy process. If your claim does proceed to court, you’ll have us by your side at every step ensuring that your claim goes ahead smoothly.

What kind of compensation am I entitled to?

If you’re successful in making a claim for car accident compensation, you’ll be entitled to claim for a sum. The sum will be assessed based on your injuries, your age, your loss of income (now and in the future), medical bills and out of pocket expenses, future expenses (such as surgery) and any care you may need.

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